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"Thanksgiving" in production

We are super grateful and appreciative to work with Sabra Williams and Creative Acts this week on an impactful immersive project to help those in solitary confinement prepare for re-entry to join their friends and families over the holidays. “Thanksgiving” places viewers in a perspective that helps them empathize with those who have been left behind at home and what they have had to handle during the years the confined person has been away. We can’t wait to see the impact of this project.

More about the incredible work Creative Acts does: We seek to transform urgent social justice issues through the revolutionary power of the Arts; to heal trauma, build community, raise power, and center the voices of those who are or have been incarcerated. We are a Black-led organization that centers those with lived experience of incarceration and the global majority (BIPOC) in decision-making positions. Many thanks also to Leo Crane, Sebastien Hameline, Rory Mitchell and Dave McKeever.

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