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Creator’s Journey: The Redemption of Marie Antoinette

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! It’s been an eventful 2018 in my journey to embrace my life’s calling.

I’ve migrated my online presence to Medium from tumblr. Along with posting updates on film and media projects, including historical VR series, The Redemption of Marie Antoinette, I aim to also share more of my creator’s journey here, which I hope can be helpful to others. I recently established half my time in Los Angeles and the rest in San Francisco, in order to fully harness the resources of both the tech and film worlds. And I am grateful for some new support on the company side this year.

In 2018, I exhibited a concept demo for The Redemption of Marie Antoinette series that was called Marie Antoinette VR, at several internationally renowned festivals (Cannes Film Festival NEXT VR and Busan Film Festival, among others). I attended conferences such as Oculus Connect 5, where I experienced demos of new HMDs such as the Oculus Quest, and Infinity Film Festival in Los Angeles, dedicated to XR.

Step inside the movie! And travel back in time.

Meanwhile, I’ve been steadily developing the series, The Redemption of Marie Antoinette. In the series, we have both 360 live-action video and interactive elements, in order to maximize immersion, story, and to also provide educational enrichment in addition to entertainment.

When I was a kid, I imagined that one day we’d be able to step inside the movies we’ve been watching on a flat screen. I think VR is the closest thing to that reality today and it is what excites me so much about innovating stories in this medium alongside the regular film work I do.

If you had asked me a few years ago, I would not have dared to take this creative leap. First, I had some serious health disorders (mercury/lead) to contend with. Then I was down to eating only salmon and quinoa for most of my meals due to food intolerances. I always had to lug a suitcase filled with supplements wherever I went and lived in fear of lying comatose the next day after accidental exposure.

(I saw major improvements with NAET, an allergy elimination therapy. I mention it here in case others are suffering from sensitivities, an increasingly common problem today.)

I write about this because I believe this health challenge appeared in my life to test me at a deeper level. When good health leaves you, it clarifies what is truly important.

Leading a life of joy, art-making and creativity is critically urgent. I realize that all those unique activities that uplift me are necessary for me to survive and to thrive.

I could no longer turn away from my life’s calling. I knew that on my deathbed, I would have serious regrets if I didn’t lead the life I dreamed of living.

So, as we begin this new year, I embrace with open arms all the possibilities for artistic creation and the resources they require! And I wish the same for you!

Is there something that you have been avoiding, that you know deep down, is critically urgent for your own happiness?

As a New Year’s gift, we have launched the demo for The Redemption of Marie Antoinette, my forthcoming VR series, on the Samsung App Store. Experience it in VR (on a headset, not on your computer screen!) and like/follow us. Some exciting announcements to come soon regarding this production and others, so stay tuned!

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