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The Tale of the Tibetan Nomad, VR film partnership with UC Berkeley Arts + Design

A cooperation with Stan Lai to adapt his award-winning play, A Dream Like A Dream, into a VR film

Every filmmaker dreams of working with quality material. And we have been very lucky.

Since March, we’ve been adapting renowned play, A Dream Like A Dream, into a VR film, The Tale of the Tibetan Nomad. Our project stars Tsering Dorjee of Oscar-nominated film, HIMALAYA.

We’ve just wrapped a magical shoot and are now in the midst of post-production. Many thanks to Sandra Woodall for her production design support, our fantastic VR crew, including Sebastien Hameline on camera, Ben Adams on audio, and co-stars Raelaine Tanaka and Pulkit Gulati. A huge thanks also to Berkeley participants, Kris Hsu, Jay Shenoy and everyone at Arts + Design. More details to come as we move into the next phases of this project, so stay tuned! Photo credits: Cynthia Smalley.

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