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New Year Greetings 2020: Transform yourself and you transform the world

Transform yourself and you transform the world.

Imagine the tremendous peace that would prevail in this world if we truly adhered to this...

Yet, transforming the self might be the hardest thing we ever do in our lifetime. And I don’t mean achieving external markers of success...

Every few years, when the buildup of daily life takes hold and my home meditation practice is no longer enough to scrub away the fog on the lens of my mind and spirit, I come to Nikora. Here I live and experience “beyond mind, beyond thought” for just a little while, long enough to remember what is truly eternal.

On the eve of 2020, I want to wish you clarity and peace. And that you’ll remember why you are here. Whatever we have or don’t have, all our happiness and hardship, they are all gifts for our personal transformation. And in the face of whatever situation you might find yourself in, know that God is Joy. Happy New Year and Happy New Decade!

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